My first Cube of Truth
It exists therefore I am
Food for Profit
World Vegan Day


From Jekyll to Hugo
The Mast-Head


It exists therefore I am
The irresistible tension of language
The perfect book club
My 2023
Marilyn's avatar
Time and academia in Elif Batuman and Dario Ferrari
Why Proust?
My 2022
Giacomo Leopardi was a loser
Horcynus Orca
The Red Horse
The best books of 2021
Digital minimalism
Elements of Clojure
Better Living Through Criticism
The New Cinephilia


Food for Profit
My 2023
Marilyn's avatar
My 2022
A new
Forget the old dream
My 2021 in films
He won, didn't he?
Let Soderbergh talk
Punching masculinity
The vast relativity of trauma
The experience of watching
Fifty shades of criticism
A machine in the ghost
Comrades, it’s a love story
Burn, baby, burn
Words are never enough
An open connection
Once Upon a Time
The essence of kinesis
Grounding expressionism
Questioning the future
What Is Democracy?
Breaking the balance
Reducing a book and enlarging TV
Visualising music
A soldier of cinema
The Thin Apocalypse
Retelling is not for everyone
Arrivederci Soavi, Ciao
My 2018 in films
The present is the past is the future
Hu Bo and the country that sits still
Ferrara and the Straubs
Rachel Getting Married
Time and Hat
Second Sight Films’ Breathless
On a personal level
Laughable violence
The special effects of Tsui Hark
My 2016 in films
Prince on film
Film preservation and nostalgia
Going back to Stanley Kubrick


Delete duplicate words
Thesis frontispiece with LaTeX
My 2023
Using Ugrep with Embark
Using Ugrep with Consult
Clojure and Tree-sitter
Tweaking Consult completion
Tweaking Vertico candidates
CIDER and Clojure LSP
Jump to minibuffer from completions
Better built-in completions
LaTeX footnotes and Tempel
My 2022
Automatically format Clojure buffers
Jump to the last change in the buffer
Update on Eglot and jdtls
Working with diff-mode
Automatically highlight regular expressions
Ugrep and consult-xref
Search thing at point with Ugrep
Fix jdtls configuration for Eglot
Ugrep in Emacs
Restart Emacs
Eglot and Eclipse JDT for Java
Eglot and digestif for LaTeX
Ignore project buffers
Handling wildcards in paths
Completing shell commands
Rebasing with VC
Stashing with VC
A job for VC
On Eglot and VC
Grep's good rep
Package report
Switching buffers (Take 3)
Trust me, I complete
A dictionary in Emacs
Reuse Dired buffers
I complete. You?
Would Alfred Hitchcock use Emacs?
Back to the roots
Quick starting is a bendy road
Embarking in a new affair with completions
Restricting Flymake to my projects
Extending project.el
Emacs and Emanuele Severino
Reliable REPL switching and buffer loading with CIDER
We can fly with what we have
It’s never too late
The end of an era?
Paper Emacs
My reliable English dictionary
Search only in visible buffers
Lockdown Beam: volatile-highlights
Lockdown Beam: native-complete
Lockdown Beam: mark-thing-at
Lockdown Beam: hide-mode-line
Lockdown Beam: git-identity
Lockdown Beam: eldoc-eval
Lockdown Beam: bm.el
Light is right, alright?
A better approach at searching with Helm
Spell-checking and Helm
Ripgrepping with Helm: the mode-line
Ripgrepping with Helm
Helmify some completion mechanisms
Developing Helm actions
The aesthetics of patching
At the helm of my configuration
Thirty straight days
Straight ahead
Open Magit from Ibuffer
Format XML like a pro
Motivate yourself
Bury shell buffers
Passing the prefix argument around
Better colours in Emacs shell
It never occurred to me
Switching buffers (Take 2)
Jump around
Switching buffers
Make your company behave
Playing hide-and-seek with my REPLs
What’s the theme?
A fancy Emacs version
Beauty lies in the segments of the mode line
Refactoring my windows restoring solution
Restoring the window configuration in Emacs
Exterminate Magit buffers
Refactoring power-ups
Inspecting log files with Emacs
Magit, the one and only
Simplify my Docker workflow with Emacs
To shell or not to shell
Taming closing delimiters in my s-expressions
A better workflow with workspaces
Every feed in its right place
Keeping your .emacs.d clean
Dynamically change font size in Emacs
Automatic language detection for Flyspell
Format XML in Emacs
Scala in Emacs with ENSIME
Schema validation for my Emacs configuration
Adding CHICKEN Scheme support to Flycheck
Spell-checking with Hunspell and flyspell-correct
Recentre the buffer when leaving Swiper
Ignore some buffers in Ivy


First steps with Ubuntu 22.04


Dance, dance, little dancer
Everything that is born dies
My 2023
Bandcamp and independent music
My 2022
Forget the old dream
Visualising music
Prince on film


My 2022
DivestOS on my Fairphone 2
Welcome SourceHut


Heart of Clojure is back
The people’s conference
Getting ready for Heart of Clojure
Moving to deps.edn and shadow-cljs
Handy sudoing in Fish
Moving to Figwheel Main
Re-implementing boodle database layer
Through the lands of static typing
Dutch Clojure Days 2018 round-up
Getting ready for Dutch Clojure Days
A year of functional programming
Learning Haskell
Daily Clojure workflow
Clojure it is
Reflecting on my Java 8 experience


Ghost in the Machine
Have I been good?


Welcome SourceHut
Notes on my digital consumption
A pen and a notebook


Thesis frontispiece with LaTeX
It exists therefore I am
The irresistible tension of language
The privileged classroom
The Red Horse