I always talk enthusiastically about Ivy. As a once heavy Helm user, I remember being afraid of regretting the complete switch to Ivy after a few days. It did not happen, and since I made the move I have only found Ivy — and the related packages Swiper and Counsel — consistently getting better and better.

Swiper has soon become my preferred in-buffer searching tool. Only one minor thing was disturbing me. After selecting the right candidate with RET , the screen scrolled unpredictably at the top, centre, or bottom of the buffer.

This is due to calculations behind the scenes about windows size, as Oleh Krehel explained here. Fortunately, he was kind enough to introduce a handy defcustom.

;; Always recentre when leaving Swiper
(setq swiper-action-recenter t)

Now every time I leave Swiper the screen is left centred. Furthermore, it is possible to keep the screen centred even during candidate selection in Swiper by pressing C-M-n or C-M-p instead of C-n or C-p .

I do not mind the scrolling when Swiper is active, but I do like having my eyes focused on one point of the screen when I find what I am looking for.