As a functional programming jock, I have a confession to make: I have never been to a Clojure conference. There was a bit of Clojure in the now defunct LambdaCon, but the talks there were not as riveting as the ones I caught on YouTube from the likes of Clojure/conj, clojuTRE and Clojure/west.

No need to sound depressing, though. Thanks to 7bridges, I will happily attend Dutch Clojure Days 2018 on April 21st. As much as my enthusiasm is hard to contain, I plan to fulfil a bunch of resolutions without losing myself in total exuberance.

Learn something new

I know the list of speakers is not ready yet, but surely something new and good is waiting for me. This is usually what happens with the talks once the conference I missed makes the videos available, therefore I am pretty confident there is going to be a lot of food for my brain.

Learn something better

As far as my Clojure projects go, there is still plenty I have to master. Transducers? Spec? Design patterns? Performance? UX? Hit me, please. The amateur in me is eager to become a Clojure programmer worth his salt.

Join the community

Last but not least, I will set aside my never-ending fight with sociability and enjoy the Clojure community for real. I’ll be in Amsterdam from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening, so you will have enough time to join me in some healthy discussions about your favourite programming language. Or Emacs, if you fancy wild topics.