Among the things that I dropped when I moved to Helm, Swiper was one of the first ones to go. Actually, the built-in Isearch replaced Swiper first. Then I found out about CTRLF, and now I have the best of both worlds: I can use CTRLF for no-fuss searches and I can rely on helm-occur for a Swiper-like feeling.

However, I often find myself with two buffers in the same window, and sometimes I want to restrict my searches to just those two buffers. CTRLF and helm-occur are not suitable for this task, because they both work on a single buffer. And mu-helm-rg is way too much for this, because it is best used in specific directories or project-wise.

Luckily enough, Thierry Volpiatto has recently introduced helm-occur-visible-buffers in Helm. Like the name says, this command runs helm-occur on all visible buffers. The results are grouped by buffer, making them really easy and clear to navigate. When run in one buffer, helm-occur-visible-buffers behaves just like helm-occur, so if you have a key binding for the latter you can safely point it to the former and retain the functionality you were accustomed to.

I don’t know if my use-case is a niche one, but it’s good to know Helm got me covered once again.