Last month I wrote about the neat nswbuff,1 but there is another way to implement buffer switching without introducing a new package.

Since I already use counsel-projectile, why not leverage it to my needs?

(defun mu-switch-to-project-buffer-if-in-project (arg)
    "Custom switch to buffer.
With universal argument ARG or when not in project, rely on
Otherwise, use `counsel-projectile-switch-to-buffer'."
    (interactive "P")
    (if (or arg
            (not (projectile-project-p)))

(bind-key* "C-x b" #'mu-switch-to-project-buffer-if-in-project)

Pretty self-explanatory. By default, when not in a project counsel-projectile-switch-to-buffer asks you for the project to switch to.

However, if I am not in a project chances are I want to switch to a buffer that doesn’t belong to a project, especially since I usually enter a project before switching to one of its buffers.

nswbuff has previews and back-and-forth navigation, so it still offers a nicer solution to buffer switching. This is Emacs, of course, so you know the deal: endless possibilities.