Following my previous article on VC, I felt like proposing a key binding for vc-git-stash to the Emacs developers was something that could turn out to be useful for other VC users.

As it is usually recommended to do in these cases,1 I filed my request using M-x report-emacs-bug: #52158. You can see that I specifically mentioned mu-vc-git-stash, the thin wrapper I coded to have VC stashing commands easily reachable, in order to back my proposal with the custom code I used to scratch a tiny itch.

Lars Ingebrigtsen, one of the Emacs co-maintainers, replied to me quickly2 suggesting that I can use C if I put my cursor on the Stash: line of the vc-dir buffer. That led me to discover that if I move the cursor onto a line pointing to a stash I can press P to pop it with vc-git-stash-pop-at-point. The outcome should be obvious: I can get rid of mu-vc-git-stash.

Why wasn’t I using these key bindings before? As I wrote on the bug tracker, C-h m in vc-dir buffers does not document them and I did not find them explained in the VC Directory Commands section of the manual either. If the documentation is not added, I may get in touch with the Emacs maintainers to see if I can contribute it myself. Unless of course the documentation is already there and it’s just my reading and searching skills failing me.

  1. I was once advised to use this approach on emacs-devel↩︎

  2. This is something Emacs core developers do all the time and I don’t think it’s appreciated enough. They always reply to my questions, even the ones that on second thoughts I consider silly. ↩︎