I am still processing the contents of a message that one of my favourite bands shared early today. A gravestone, that is.

This annoucement hit me hard. They published what looked like the first half of a new record five months ago1 and then they toured Italy for a while, hence I was ready for the new record and another chance to catch a live show. However, unless there is a cruel joke behind those dates up there, this is never going to happen now.

I have their records to return to, obviously, but a huge part of me is no more. More importantly, people who had been keeping the spirit of underground music alive since the early 2000s have put an end to a long, beautiful story.

Maybe they will be back some day with a new name and new sounds, new ideas and new friends. I sincerely hope so. And yet all will be different, me and them.

  1. See: MarNero↩︎