After having adapted vertico--format-candidate to behave like I want in my Marginalia-less setup,1 I noticed I still had undesired documentation during completion.

Now, Daniel Mendler created the beautiful Corfu to improve completion at point in Emacs. However, he did not forget about old school users such as myself and provided consult-completion-in-region for the minibuffer lovers out there.

My only “problem”2 with consult-completion-in-region is that by default candidates are offered with some related documentation next to them, much like what one would see with M-x were one to use Marginalia. It is possible to leverage consult-customize to change a subset of consult-completion-in-region details,3 but to remove the extra information something else is needed.

(define-advice consult-completion-in-region
    (:around (&rest args) mu-completion-no-extra-properties)
  "Remove extra properties from completion candidates."
  (cl-letf (((default-value 'completion-extra-properties) nil))
    (apply args)))

A hack, yes, but also another way to prove the level of freedom Emacs empowers the user with.

Note that my small modifications to vertico--format-candidate and consult-completion-in-region are not intended to highlight any Vertico or Consult shortcomings. These are great packages that improve the standard Emacs experience, thus they should be tried as they come out of the box for a while. The fact that I can easily adjust them to my preferences just make them shine even more.

  1. See: Tweaking Vertico candidates↩︎

  2. The quotes should be enough to suggest that this is not a real problem, but let me spell it out to avoid confusion. ↩︎

  3. Try C-h f consult-completion-in-region RET to know more. ↩︎