Since I basically spend much of my computing in Emacs, it’s no surprise I have come to love customizing it. One Emacs facet I keep returning to is the mode line.

To be honest, it’s hard to remember everything I tried on this little but very useful tool. For a long while smart-mode-line has been my go-to package. I considered powerline briefly, but even spaceline didn’t last long. Eventually, I rolled my own spin and never looked for an external solution again.

Recently, Jonas Bernoulli — of Magit fame — unveiled two new packages expressly dedicated to the mode line: minions and moody.

Ever being annoyed by the long list of minor modes taking up precious space? Or are you just tired of adding :diminish every time you install a new package via use-package? minions to the rescue.

minions replaces the minor mode list with a customizable lighter, which upon click reveals a menu with an entry for every minor mode available. You can enable or disable a specific mode or explore its settings in a breeze. minions reduces the clutter while making it easier to check on your minor modes.

On the other hand, moody is for the true artist. I love sparkling Emacs with some beauty, but as much as sanityinc-tomorrow-night helps me with that, I haven’t been able to accomplish something really satisfying with the mode line before trying moody.

Now look at that. It feels awesome.

The number 2 on the left is my little variation on the Eyebrowse segment I found in spaceline.