As of today Films in Words, the website I use for my writings on cinema, becomes an archive. I will keep it around for a while, but I imported its contents here and anything new related to cinema will be posted on this website. Some time next year will not be available any more.

The reason for this change, in case you are wondering, is a practical one. I first started blogging in English with Films in Words, and I did not want to use it as a personal website. So when arrived, the idea was to keep my techie and film buff sides separated. Years passed, and to my surprise content not involving Emacs has surfaced here. It makes sense then that I host my cinema writings on these pages as well.

To make browsing by category easier I added pages for articles grouped by category, like Emacs, Cinema, and Books.

For an overview of all the writings there is always the whole archive to peruse.