If you use the great company-statistics to improve your experience with company-mode, chances are that you already noticed an entry called company-statistics-cache.el when you switch buffers with your favourite key binding.

Hitting RET on company-statistics-cache.el could result in unpleasant consequences. In my case, Emacs hangs indefinitely, distracting me from my work and forcing me to a horrible restart.

Fortunately, Oleh Krehel introduced a new value for ivy-use-ignore-default: 'always.

;; Always ignore buffers set in `ivy-ignore-buffers'
(setq ivy-use-ignore-default 'always)
;; Ignore some buffers in `ivy-switch-buffer'
(setq ivy-ignore-buffers '("company-statistics-cache.el"))

With the above setup, company-statistics-cache.el will never sneak in your buffer switching again.