Open Magit from Ibuffer

It’s amazing how many packages for our beloved editor exist out there. ELPA and MELPA keep growing and growing, and curiosity is always pushing me out to look for a new package to try.

Last year I wrote about Eyebrowse, a cool workspace manager that has proven to be a reliable friend until recently. Eyebrowse is a helpful extension, but as it turns out the built-in Ibuffer is enough to make sense of all of the buffers available. I open it with C-x C-b, which is one of the most used key bindings in my everyday Emacs interactions.

Ibuffer presents a customizable list of buffers on which, much like Dired, we can apply different kinds of operations: filter, sort, group, mark, delete, bury, visit. Just press h in Ibuffer to get an idea.

Since I mainly work on projects versioned on Git, ibuffer-vc helps with grouping the buffers in a project-based fashion and operate on them. For instance, to quickly close a project and its related buffers, mark the project header for deletion with d and then press x.

One thing I was missing in Ibuffer was an integration with Magit. I wanted to open magit-status in the project the current buffer (i.e., the buffer where point is on) belongs to.

(defun mu-ibuffer-magit ()
  "Open `magit-status' for the current buffer."
  (let ((buf (ibuffer-current-buffer t)))
    (magit-status (cdr (ibuffer-vc-root buf)))))

I’ve bound this function to v in ibuffer-mode-map. Note that v was previously calling ibuffer-do-view, so you may want to pick the key that suits you best.